Final full day

On October 16, 2011 by i3art

The fourth and last fully filled day.

Iceland Airwaves day 4

Of Monsters And Men – 12:00 Munnharpan

One of the last of my newly discovered bands that I wanted to see live. Think of a mixture between Arcade Fire and Mumford And Sons. Enjoyed it, bought the album!



Kippi Kaninus – 16:10 i8

They started a little bit earlier then planned so I only so saw a small part of this set. What I heard was again very nice. I hope to see a full show in the future, maybe in support for Amiina :). This time it was only the Amiina-boys that appeared on the scene. In someones living room actually. If I smelled correctly that someone had just finished a plate of spaghetti :).


porquesi – 16:20 Courtyard in Reykjavik 

While walking down the streets of Reykjavik I suddenly heard some pretty damn good music reflecting on the houses. So I followed my ears and eventually arrived on a courtyard where Porquesi was playing. That explained immediately from where I recognized the melodies that were guiding me to this place.


Low Roar – 17:40 Reykjavik Backpackers

I must admit that at first I thought I was listening to Andvari. Something must have got mixed up in the schedule and instead I was listening to Low Roar. Anyway, I was surprised with the music they were playing and I will definitely check more of this lo-fi post-rock when I get home. Again learned something new.


Guðrið Hansdottir – 20:50 Harpa Kaldalón

As I was waiting for Ólafur Arnalds I saw this singer-song writer from the Faroe Islands. She brought a brilliant set. If you’re into something like Suzanne Vega but need a fresh wind in that direction, do check her music out!


Ólafur Arnalds – 21:40 Harpa, Norðurljós

One of the shows I was looking forward to. This time he also brought a computer programmer/electronic musician with him. This show was in the style of the last one I’ve seen of him in Belgium. His visuals are always so pretty and if I’m correct Ólafur is controlling this himself. Also the nice light synchronisation with some electronic effects during the show where neatly done. Ólafur left us all a feeling of amazement. I think I will never get enough of his shows.


The Twilight Sad – 22:30 Iðnó

My last show for the day was one filled with heart-broken songs. Our friends from Glasgow, Scotland where full of power. If you ignore the technical problems this was a very strong show. Although I sometimes had the feeling many of the songs sounded a little bit too much the same.


Sunday and final day only has Inni and Biophilia on my schedule.  Saving the big guns for last. As I’ve mentioned before, no photography is allowed at Björk her show. So I won’t be taking out the camera today. That’s going to feel weird :).

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