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On October 17, 2011 by i3art

For the last day of Iceland Airwaves I only planned INNI, the new live movie by Sigur Rós, and Biophilia, the new concept, album and show by Björk.

Iceland Airwaves day 5

Temporary Copenhagen – 13:00 NORRÆNA HÚSIÐ

Before Inni there was also the screening of Temporary Copenhagen. As they describe it on their website: “A NIGHT IN COPENHAGEN WITH MUSIC AND A NEW DANISH MUSIC SCENE.”.

Full movie:


The new Sigur Rós movie was luckily also screened at the festival. I’m not going to talk a lot about it apart from the fact it was really good. I thought it was fairly short, wanting for more is what has been the theme of this week. The movie is directed by Vincent morisset (who also did Arcade Fire’s brilliant ‘Miroir Noir’). They aren’t lying if they say “the definitive live experience.” Soon available everywhere, out november 7th 2011.

Festival (excerpt from the film):


Biophilia – 20:00 Harpa, Silfurberg


I entered the venue together with Jónsi so for me the atmosphere immediately went to another level. This was going to be a special night. There is already been said a lot about Björk’s latest tour. I tried not to know read about it much beforehand but what I already knew was that people often expected much of the show but didn’t expect what they were given. The show begins with an introduction to Biophilia, the same you hear in the iPad app. (Many iPad’s lying around on stage by the way, no paper score for the pianist :)) I was lucky enough to get a very nice spot where I could see all the exclusively made instruments (she also brought again her Reactable) and also could see a very large part of the centered stage.

Then during the first song you’re seeing and hearing things being used in a way you have never seen before (or you must have attended one of Björk’s shows during the recent tour). I don’t want to go into details, at that moment I understood why Björk was persistent in keeping all camera’s out (even security was keeping an eye out during the show). The surprise is part of the effect that blows you out of the water right back on a cloud. I’ve been talking about clouds earlier this week. But what I felt at that moment I only felt once before (Sigur Rós – 14 juli 2005, Brussels Koninklijk Circus, the closest you can humanly get to perfection). Really, adrenaline level instantly rising, that kind of feeling. You were instantly put in the “zone”. To be clear you weren’t amazed like this trough the whole show. But still, the rest of the show she kept on impressing from one song to the other.

But if you are planning on attending one of her shows during the current tour try not the search on the web for what it could be. If you find something you will be taking away one of the few times you will be amazed at such level. Hopefully there will be more shows announced as they are currently only officially planned here in Reykjavik until the beginning of November.

And on this bombshell ( 😉 ) I’m closing this report on Iceland Airwaves 2011. It was one of my best festival experiences. Discovered and got confirmed lots of bands. Very often I thought: “If I now had my golden spoon I would have been sure I’m in heaven.”

At the end of this blog you’ll find some photos I’ve made during my tour around “The Golden Circle”. A trip that for me got influenced by Biophilia.

Thanks for reading & spread the music!

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