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On October 31, 2012 by i3art

So yesterday I took off to Iceland again. On my way to Schiphol airport I saw some beautiful sights. To give you an idea:

When arriving at Keflavik airport it was immediately clear that things were busier than last year. It’s the first time the festival is sold out. Also the bus-drivers bringing us to Reykjavik told that tourists haven’t stopped coming in. Since summer they have had long working days and it doesn’t seem to stop.
Also the cook at the hamburgerbar, Hamborgarabúllan B5, said that Airwaves was sold out surprisingly fast. He made a brilliant burger for me by the way. Good thing to have right across of my apartment building.

Just like last year I planned a northern lights hunt tour on the first day. It was the first real wintery day here at Reykjavik. Practically everyone I talked to warned me to dress up accordingly for the night. It was around -2°C, which is doable. But with heavy winds, beyond 30m/s, it does really get cold. The guide even gave some tips for taking pictures of the northern lights. Including keeping your battery warm with your body temperature. Which I had to use once. As my battery level went from 90% to 10% in 20 minutes. But in the end we did not pick up any lights. It was also hard to take decent pictures, even with a tripod. The wind kept moving the camera. But I managed to take a few nice pictures. Here are two pictures from last night:

But now it’s time. Time for Airwaves!
First I’ll pick up my wristband and then we start with the first show of the festival, Sóley!



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